Organised stationery

for busy people

Ingenious ink designs beautiful, practical notepads

that help you organise your tasks, plan for the future,

and get your head around big questions.

Where do you do your best thinking?

In the shower? Out running? Walking the dog?

Probably not whilst staring at your mobile phone.

Ingenious Ink creates distraction-free notepads with purpose. These help guide you through decision-making challenges. They're like your favourite productivity app, just without the distracting notifications.

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Amazon UK
Very helpful for prioritising Love these planner pads. Cute and clear design. A good amount of slots to organise key tasks for the day, breaking down the most important whilst you’re at it to make it more achievable, and to kickstart the aim of doing something put off with the top slot. Very helpful for prioritising.
Amazon UK
Make organising fun! I love these notepads – they’re just the right size, the paper is high quality, and the colours are bright and vibrant. I use them regularly at work to help prioritise tasks, and challenge myself to do something that I’ve been putting off for ages! I’ve also recommended them to lots of colleagues who want to know how I keep everything so organised!
Fast delivery, very pleased with my purchase.
Really pleased with this pack and I think it’ll make a difference in my life! Received in the timescale given.
This has managed to pull me out of an “oh my god I have so much to do where do I start?!” panic and made me really think about what’s important right now, how to break down my jobs for later and even helped me motivate myself on days when nothing seems possible. It’s nice to look at and fits nicely into my inbox so it’s always ready for when I need it.

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