• 50 sheets of full colour print per notepad
  • Easy to write on uncoated paper for pencils, biros, fountain pens, and more
  • Three notepads sized 10.5 x 14.7 cm
  • Designed in Bristol, printed in Germany


Life audit

Feeling rubbish?

Score your life in ten different categories to pinpoint why and how you could improve.

Maybe you need to go the gym more, go to evening classes, or just have a massive cards against humanity session with your friends (no judgement).



Identify three things you like doing and work out how to do them more. Then identify three things you don’t like doing and work out how to do them less. Sometimes small changes make big differences.

We've redesigned this one into a notepad rather than a set of cards.


Fail better

We all fail, but some of us learn from our mistakes better than others. Dust yourself off, address your failure, stop beating yourself up and work out what was actually within your control and is something you could do differently next time.

Notepads in this set