Where do you do your best thinking?

In the shower? Out running? Walking the dog?

Probably not whilst staring at your mobile phone.

Ingenious Ink creates distraction-free notepads with purpose. These help guide you through decision-making challenges. They're like your favourite productivity app, just without the distracting notifications.

Our story

Ingenious Ink started on Kickstarter in 2016 under the name PaperThink. After a trip to Cambridge for work meetings I found myself wandering around stationery stores to kill time. Several of these stores had paper pads with interesting designs to fill in printed on them. They were fine, if a bit big, but I thought I could do better.

A few weeks later the PaperThink campaign was born seeking to raise £90 to print a few hundred notepads from printer I'd worked with for several years. The campaign raised £1,927 and over 1,000 notepads were shipped across the globe. Ingenious Ink was back on Kickstarter the next year with 15 different notepad designs. It returned in 2018 with themed notepad sets.

In 2019 we returned with more themed sets and planner refills. In 2020 we moved warehouse to help us to get orders out quicker and expanded our themed sets range. We redesigned a few of our most popular notepads and have a few new ones in the pipeline.

As seen on Kickstarter

Nearly 400 backers and over £7000 raised

About our notepads

We design our notepads to solve planning challenges. This could be 'what should I do today?' or the more nebulous 'what do I want?'. They're often inspired by popular task management strategies, and sometimes they're strategies that we scribbled down in notebooks to get a handle on our own lives. Each design undergoes rigorous testing, involving lots of printout prototypes. We periodically update or tweak the designs when reordering, but the goal remains the same.

Our notepads are printed in Germany. We print in full colour on 80gsm uncoated paper. Perfect for writing on in pens, pencils and fountain pens. Our notepads are glue-bound at the top to hold the sheets together, and typically have 50 sheets per notepad (so they'll last you at least a month).